SCAN Antenna is focused on delivering the best antennas for L-band satellite services you can find. We only make the antenna!

We already have more than 100.000 antennas in service around the globe - providing life-line communications links for people and businesses alike.  We have outstanding figures of merit for signal quality for uplink and downlink (EIRP and G/T).


We partner with the best in the industry, and we have certified antennas for Iridium as well as a full program of antennas for Thuraya.

For Inmarsat we partner with the largest players in the industry, and we are proud to be OEM supplier for several of the major players with Inmarsat approved terminals.


You can find our full program of antennas in the Product Finder.  Furthermore, bespoke products have been developed for customers with special needs - integrating an antenna with the customers hardware, providing a complete solution.

SCAN Antenna brings the best performance
The Product Finder