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VHF73 Marine VHF reference antenna.

HF8000 HF/SSB quality series. 



Experience counts

Marine communications have formed our core business for more than 30 years.


People's lives depend on staying connected, with both receiving and transmitting performance being critical. Antennas designed and constructed for a lifetime at sea, must be manufactured and shipped with care.


Our people in the factory in Copenhagen/Denmark know that an antenna for maritime usage often is lifeline communication equipment, so high quality is a must. It has to be a strong link!


Iconic VHF Antenna! 


Complete range of marine two-way communications antennas.

We are one of the few manufacturers to make a complete range of marine communications antennas. The same antennas that help give the top equipment manufacturers like Alcatel, Furuno and Simrad their excellent system performance are now available under our own brand name.



We have for decades been OEM supplier globally to well known brands.


SCAN Antenna’s Marine antennas are the most durable I have seen
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