Mounting principles for Land Mobile products


These antennas have a magnet mounted on the bottom surface. For the magnet to work, they require that the surface contains iron, not aluminum or plastic composites. Magnet mounted antennas are only intended for stationary vehicles. Even if the magnets are quite powerful, it is not recommended to leave a magnet-mounted antenna on a moving vehicle.

UNIMAG is just one of the possibilities you can find in the ProductFinder.


Adhesive antennas come with a double-adhesive backing. Simply remove the paper cover and apply the antenna to a clean surface. Sometimes this is combined with Bolt-on.

Bolt-on (through-hole)

These antennas require a hole in the mounting surface for cable feed-through. Labelled 'Through-hole' or 'Bolt-on', these antennas are fastened by a bolt or nut below the mounting surface.

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