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Thuraya Active Omnidirectional SATCOM Antenna

Voice and GmPRS compatible


  • Active Antenna for Thuraya terminals with built-in active GPS antenna
  • Covers full footprint without pointing (omni-directional)
  • Optimized for Maritime use, but also suitable for land-based applications
  • Mounting Bracket included
  • Rugged design for reliable performance in harsh conditions
  • Smooth surface low loss radome
  • For use with: FDU-XT, SF2500, Seagull 5000(i), Hughes 7101, SO-2510, SG-2520, XT, FDU-2500, FDU-3500, SatTrans SAT-Office Docker, SAT-VDA Car Kit a.o.
  • DC Feeder required, but not included – order separately depending on configuration
  • Coaxial Cable-Kits available - see "Ordering Information" - "P/N" (Other cables available)
  • Cable-Kits are designed to comply with Thuraya specifications

60101-000, previously known as 60100, comes with mounting bracket included

Note: Cable loss between 3 dB and 7.5 dB is recommended

Mounting and Safety Instructions

Electrical Specifications:
Frequency1525 - 1559 MHz, 1626.5 - 1660.5 MHz, 1575.42 MHz
Satellite SystemThuraya, GPS
Axial ratio< 6 dB
Gain 0 dBic
G/T, typ.-22 dB/K
G/T, min.-24 dB/K
EIRP, typ.7 dBW
EIRP, min.5 dBW
LNA GainGPS: 26 dB
Supply voltageSAT: 10 - 24 VDC, GPS: 5 VDC
Power consumption, average12 W
Power consumption, peak26 W
Mechanical Specifications:
Height301 mm
Weight1.7 kg (Antenna only)
Diameter201 mm
MountingHigh grade AISI-316 stainless steel Mounting Bracket and mounting hardware included
Mounting placeOn pole or rail with supplied Mounting Bracket and U-bolts
Mounting instructionIncluded
MaterialsSilver anodized aluminium, PCB, Stainless steel, PTFE, ASA and brass
Operating temperature-25C to +55C
Survival temperature-40C to +80C
ConnectorSAT: N-female
Connector 2GPS: TNC-female
CableSee "Part No." (Other cables available)
Serial no.On product label
Ordering information:
P/N60101-013 (Antenna including Mounting Bracket)
P/N60101-043 (Kit: Antenna + 69001-000 DC-Feeder SMA)
P/N60101-053 (Kit: Antenna + 69002-000 DC-Feeder N)
P/N60101-063 (Kit: Antenna + DC-Feeder + 20 m Cable-Kit SMA/SMA)
P/N60101-073 (Kit: Antenna + DC-Feeder + 20 m Cable-Kit N/TNC)
P/N60101-083 (Kit: Antenna + DC-Feeder + 20 m Cable-Kit FME/SMA)
P/N91001-010 (10 m Cable-Kit. SAT: N-male, GPS: SMA-male)
P/N91001-020 (15 m Cable-Kit. SAT: N-male, GPS: SMA-male)
P/N91001-030 (20 m Cable-Kit. SAT: N-male, GPS: SMA-male)
P/N91001-040 (25 m Cable-Kit. SAT: N-male, GPS: SMA-male)
P/N91001-050 (30 m Cable-Kit. SAT: N-male), GPS: SMA-male)
P/N91001-060 (40 m Cable-Kit. SAT: N-male, GPS: SMA-male)
P/N91002-010 (10 m Cable-Kit. SAT: N-male, GPS: TNC-male)
P/N91002-XXX (Customer specified Cable-Kit with SAT: N-male, GPS: TNC-male as above)
Packaging Information:


Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this product sheet. SCAN Antenna A/S reserves the right to introduce changes to this information without notice.

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  • 60101-000 (Vertical Pole Mounting)
  • 60101-000 (Horizontal Pole Mounting)