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ThurayaIP Active Directional SATCOM Antenna

Compact and Powerful

  • Active Antenna for ThurayaIP terminal
  • Powerful RF performance to take ThurayaIP to its full performance
  • Enables 384kbps streamingIP uplink and downlink
  • Attractive size, fits in laptop bag
  • Easily pointed towards satellite
  • Battery powered for portable use
  • DC powered for fixed installations
  • Built-in active GPS antenna
  • Comes complete with battery, battery charger, 6 m cable-kit, DC-Feeder and pole bracket adapter

More information about this antenna

Electrical Specifications:
Frequency1525 - 1559 MHz, 1626.5 - 1660.5 MHz, 1575.42 MHz (L-band)
Satellite SystemThurayaIP
PolarisationLCHP (SAT)
Axial ratio< 2 dB
G/T, typ.-16 dB/K
G/T, min.-18 dB/K
EIRP, typ.16 dBW
EIRP, min.15 dBW
Supply voltage12V - 24V DC via coax, 19V DC for charging
Power consumption, average18W
Power consumption, peak24W
Mechanical Specifications:
ColorLight Grey / Dark Grey
Length155 mm
Height60 mm
Width270 mm
Weight1.55 kg without battery, 1.80 kg with battery
Mounting placeDirectly on ground or flat surface or pole mount
Operating temperature0C to 55C (when DC powered), 0C to 50C (using battery), 0C to 40C (charging)
Survival temperature-20C to +60C (with battery), -40C to +85C (without battery)
ConnectorQMA(f) (SAT)
Connector 2QMA(f) (GPS)
Cable6m set included, other lengths optional
Ingress ProtectionIP55
Ordering information:
P/N62100-013 (Antenna + 6 m Cable-Kit + DC feeder)
P/N91009-011 (10 meter Cable-Kit for Thuraya IP)
P/N91009-021 (15 meter Cable-Kit for Thuraya IP)
P/N91009-031 (30 meter Cable-Kit for Thuraya IP)
Packaging Information:
TypeIn hardbox
Size250 x 250 x 265 mm
Weight2 kg


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  • 62100 Active ThurayaIP Antenna
  • 62100 Active ThurayaIP Antenna
  • 62100 Active ThurayaIP Antenna