How a base station antenna works

SCAN Antenna is a Danish based company developing and selling antennas. Our greatest wish is to create connectivity for your company to make you able to communicate. In this context, one of our products is the base station antenna, which defines an antenna that is used to send out a single signal to more receivers. To learn even more about this type of antenna, you are welcome to contact us anytime via phone number +45 43 33 16 20 or via our e-mail  


How to use a base station antenna:

A base station antenna is used when wanting to send out a signal to a great number of receivers. This type of antenna serves as a hub of the local wireless network and can be used to both receive and transmit a signal. It communicates out to the many, and simultaneously receives signals from the many. As an example, this antenna could be relevant to a taxi central, as it needs to reach more users.


SCAN Antenna provides your antennas

Our aim is to provide you with antennas that match your need. Therefore, we design, develop, manufacture and sell products from our large selection. In case you have any questions or lack information about base station antennas, feel free to contact us. We will help you get the needed information to find the right antenna for you.

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