Duplex Filter UHF/VHF from Scan Antenna

Through SCAN Antenna, a company founded and based in Skovlunde in Denmark, you will be provided with a large selection of antennas, through which you can communicate in the most efficient way possible. With our products, we aim to supply the information you need to be able to choose the best suited antenna for your purpose. If you need more antennas for the same device, our duplex filter UHF/VHF is the best choice for you. You can read more about this product in the following. In case of further questions, feel free to contact us via our phone number +45 43 33 16 20 or our e-mail info@scan-antenna.com.   


The function of the product

With this type of antenna, you can use more functions of the antennas simultaneously in case you  for an example need to receive signals through one antenna and transmit through another. This makes it possible for you to communicate in different ways, which may make your communication more efficient. Therefore, the duplex filter UHF/VHF antenna can help you optimize the communication in your company.


Contact Scan Antenna for more information

The duplex filter UHF/VHF is the right choice for you, if you need multiple functions of the antennas at the same time. If you have questions regarding this, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will provide you with the information you need to decide, if this product is right for you. 


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