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Latest news from scan antenna

  • Extendr® - new puck type versatile antenna family

    SCAN Antenna is again introducing a new program of meticulously constructed antennas. The Extendr® family with three different mounting versions and three different frequency band allocations allowing for 9 version to begin with!
  • New Base Station Antenna Program - Order Now!

    SCAN Antenna is introducing a new program of meticulously constructed Base Station antennas with integrated multipurpose mounting bracket. The antennas comes with generous bandwidth which reduces the need for multiple antennas both in stock and on installation sites.
  • External antenna for Thuraya X5-Touch handset.

    SCAN Antenna is already supporting the new Thuraya X5-Touch Android based handset. Easy magnetic mounting on vehicle steel roof or trunk lid for the 60401-versions and easy mounting on any US-style Mounting Bracket with 1"-14NF threaded stud for the 60601-versions.