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PT2400 1/4 (SMA)

Semi-flexible full 1/4 λ whip antenna with SMA-connector

Semi-flexible full 1/4 λ whip antenna with integrated SMA-male connector, especially made for portable and stationary wireless applications (M2M) in WLAN systems

Electrical Specifications:
Frequency2310 - 2485 MHz (WLAN, BLUETOOTH, ZIGBEE)
Bandwidth175 MHz
Impedance50 ohm
VSWR< 2.0 @ f.res.
Gain0 dBd, 2.1 dBi
Max. Input Power10 W
Mechanical Specifications:
Height43 mm
Weight6 g
Mounting placeOn modems etc.
MaterialsPE, copper, brass and Teflon
Ordering information:
P/N14350IP (Bulk-packing)
Packaging Information:
TypeBulk or Polybag


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