Now full range of Dipoles & Arrays

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We are proud to introduce a full range of Dipoles & Arrays for the VHF and UHF frequencies.

Full range of Dipoles & Arrays

Being the market leader of complete antenna solutions commits, which is why we now introduce a full range of Dipoles & Arrays for the VHF and UHF frequencies.

Available in more frequencies

Our BD-antenna Series are produced in our Spanish factory in Madrid in compliance the quality standards of ISO 9001:2015.


Our aim is to satisfy our customers’ needs and provide products and services that exceed their expectations.


We are confident that these new series will satisfy our clients as they come with a robust design which ensures reliable operation in harsh environmental conditions.


A pigtail mounted directly on the Dipoles with a fixed N-female connector. As standard a robust mount is included.

Available in following frequency bands

4m (66-88 MHz) BD4-xG series
BD4-1G Dipole 

2m (118-174 MHz) BD2-xG series
BD2-1G Dipole 
BD2-3G Dipole Array 
BD2-6G Dipole Array

70cm (380-512 MHz) BD70-xG series
BD70-1G Dipole 
BD70-6G Dipole Array

The Stacked Dipoles are connected using a phasing harness to form a high gain Multi dipole which can be mounted on the top of a tower or at the side of a building.

The series are ideal for PMR / TETRA / P25, Trunked Radio, Broadcast, 450LTE, Air band and other applications.

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