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The European produced antennas from Scan Antenna are the result of more than 40 years of research and development at the factories in Copenhagen & Madrid.

Antennas for every use

The Scan Antenna brand is used all over the world in a variety of markets such as marine, aviation, telecom, public safety, transport as well as for critical missions all over the world.

High quality covering Base-station antennas, 5G, satellite antennas for HF, VHF & UHF, Omni-Ddirectional, LTE antennas, multiband, as well as antennas for marine and mobile use and so much more.

Our antennas are produced as following types:


Base-Station antenna

The Base Station antenna, defines an antenna which is used to send out a single signal to more receivers.

A base-station antenna is used when wanting to send out a signal to a great number of receivers. This type of antenna serves as a hub of the local wireless network and can be used to both receive and transmit a signal. It communicates out to the many, and simultaneously receives signals from the many. As an example, this antenna could be relevant to a taxi central, as it needs to reach more users.

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5G antennas

ScanAntenna provides you with 5G antennas that make it possible to have multiple input and multiple output. They consist of a large number of antenna elements in order to send and receive a large amount of data simultaneously.

5G antennas have to be able to cover many frequencies. In this way, it becomes possible for you to achieve faster download speeds. Furthermore, it creates more capacity and connectivity for different devices. More bandwidth makes more data able to get through. With 5G antennas your communication flows more easily.

5G antennas have the ability to be placed outside, as they can resist hard weather conditions. They come with a wireless router. 

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Satellite antenna

With our satellite antenna, you will receive an antenna that works as a data modem, with which the signals are connected to a satellite. The antennas for these modems are ground-based terminals. This type of antenna is suited for communication that runs through satellites. For an example, this could be devices with a GPS feature.

Advantages of a satellite antenna
With satellite antennas you are provided with a more stable global connection. The antenna’s tough setup makes it possible for it to resist even harsh weather conditions, which makes it ideal for the cold and rainy weather in the Northern parts of the world. 

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Marine antenna

Your lifeline on the water
The main function of our marine antennas is to make sure that you stay safe, when you travel long distances across the ocean. Therefore, as an important feature, these types of antennas are developed to resist the hard weather conditions that may occur on the water. In addition, they are resistant to saltwater in order to be efficient throughout your crossing.

They are built to be able to handle a maritime climate in order for you to communicate without interruptions in case of emergencies or other situations, in which you need to communicate.

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HF, VHF & UHF antenna

HF Antenna
The three types of antennas mainly differ in their reaching distance. With High Frequency antennas you get a relatively large antenna. They are up to 9 metres long, which makes it possible for them to have a range of more than 100 kilometres. This gives you the possibility to communicate over a very long distance, which for an example makes HF antennas relevant to ships that need to communicate from the ocean.

VHF Antenna
Very High Frequency antennas are not as large as HF antennas. However, they can transmit more data within a smaller range of kilometres. They are often used to communicate from one point to another, which makes them relevant when ships need to communicate with other ships.

UHF Antenna
The last type of antenna is the Ultra High Frequency antenna, which makes it possible to send a large amount of data. It does so within a relatively short distance, as it needs more power to transmit the data. The small UHF antennas are 5 to 10 cm long and are often used for mobile devices.

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Omni-Directional antenna

With an Omni-Directional antenna, the signals are sent out in every direction. Therefore, this type of antenna is especially ideal for mobile phones or similar devices that needs to be able to transmit messages at all times in and different directions.

Users constantly move their device, which is why the antenna must be flexible regarding the direction, in which the signal can be received. In this way, the antenna becomes more stable, as there are greater chances that the signal is received by another antenna.   

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Mobile antenna

Mobile antennas have multiple advantages. They are best suited for moving devices, from which you need to be able to communicate while moving around.

Mobile antennas could for example be placed on cars, trucks or other moving devices in order to keep the communication stable during the movement. Furthermore, an advantage is that they are able to resist different kind of weather conditions.

We provide you with a variety of models within this type of antenna, depending on the device they are placed on and their strength.

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Multiband antennas

With our multiband antennas it is possible to have several antennas operating on different bands of frequency. With this type of antenna, you can use more antennas simultaneously in case you need the functions of different antennas at the same time. In this way, you are able to communicate in the most effective way possible, depending on the specific needs in your company.

The multiband antenna is a flexible way for you to communicate with different points at the same time. This matches our aim to be as flexible and reliable as possible in order to help you. 

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LTE antenna

The 2G network or GSM (global system for mobile communications) made it possible for phones to get a SIM card and thereby a unique phone number. The phones were then made mobile and at the same time it became possible to send texts.

With the following 3G network, users could now access the internet faster and more effectively. This global need for higher speed on the internet didn’t slow down, and thus came the 4G or LTE (long term evolution) network, with which the internet on mobile and wireless devices became even faster.

With the technological world evolving increasingly. It is expected to facilitate the automatization of different devices, for an example a car.

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Scan Antenna - your full antenna systems provider

Scan Antenna is a full antenna systems provider, because we provide complete antenna systems, which include antennas, passive devices and all accessories needed.

Whenever connectivity matters, Scan Antenna is your supplier.

Our aim is to provide you with antennas that match your need. Therefore, we design, develop, manufacture and sell products from our large selection. In case you have any questions or lack information about base station antennas, feel free to contact us. We will help you get the needed information to find the right antenna for you. 

Please find your preferred product at the “Product finder” and get an offer directly. Should you be unable to locate what you are looking for, you are are welcome to contact us anytime via phone number +45 43 33 16 20 or via our e-mail info@scan-antenna.com.  


Ever since we began, have our growth been based on a strong reputation for supplying durable quality products and being a reliable partner.

Scan’s organizational values are based on respect, dedication and innovation. Our manufacturing colleagues have high seniority. They are all experienced, with a close eye on quality in the process and supported by our quality systems.

We have ISO 9001 compatible manufacturing and QA.

Moreover, our solutions often prove as best in test. Therefore a major OEM player decided to remake a development program. They placed all antenna development and manufacturing with Scan Antenna for a bespoke antenna to their new MSS terminals.

Same conclusions are made by other major players. Our antennas are used as bespoke and as external antennas. Scan Antennas are also used for demanding specifications and applications.

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