Scan Antenna is your lifeline on the water

The goal of Scan marine antennas is to make sure that you stay connected when you travel long distances across the ocean.

Therefore, as an important feature, these types of antennas are developed to resist the hard weather conditions that may occur on the water. In addition, they are resistant to saltwater to be efficient throughout your crossing.

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Developed for hard weather conditions

The Scan marine antennas are built to work efficiently while at sea to ensure that you can communicate without interruptions in case of emergencies or other situations.

All Scan antennas are designed, developed and manufactured at the factory in Copenhagen by experienced engineers. We research continuously to ensure the best possible performance to  benefit users of our equipment. Therefore, we offer a complete range of marine antenna systems, to fully cover the communication requirements at sea.

Please find your preferred product at the “Product finder” and get an offer directly. Should you be unable to locate what you are looking for, you are are welcome to contact us anytime via phone number:

+45 43 33 16 20 or via our e-mail  


Ever since we began, have our growth been based on a strong reputation for supplying durable quality products and being a reliable partner.

Scan’s organizational values are based on respect, dedication and innovation. Our manufacturing colleagues have high seniority. They are all experienced, with a close eye on quality in the process and supported by our quality systems.

We have ISO 9001 compatible manufacturing and QA.

Moreover, our solutions often prove as best in test. Therefore a major OEM player decided to remake a development program. They placed all antenna development and manufacturing with SCAN Antenna for a bespoke antenna to their new MSS terminals.

Same conclusions are made by other major players. Our antennas are used as bespoke and as external antennas. SCAN Antennas are also used for demanding specifications and applications.

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